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Aviation Accidents

Aviation Accidents

Aviation Accidents Can Be Catastrophic

Mechanical difficulties, human mistakes, unsafe flying and weather conditions, aircraft design/manufacture flaws, fuel tank explosions, or on-board computer/software malfunctions are the most common cause of aviation accidents, whether the craft is commercial, chartered, private or military-owned and operated. The FAA is responsible to set minimum safety standards for flight operations, aircraft manufacture and pilot conduct, and, in most cases, aviation safety is also governed by federal or state laws.

Aviation accidents are, by nature, usually catastrophic, involving serious injury or death to pilots and passengers.

Extensive Flight And Aviation Law Experience

Our aviation law experience allow us to understand the complexities that are inherent in aviation accidents and conduct investigations into the cause of a crash that is critical to the strategy and outcome of the cases we represent. Sean Cronin is one of a small number of Florida attorneys who was a former pilot.

If you or a loved one was hurt in an aviation accident, you may be entitled to monetary damages. Our law firm helps aviators seek compensation through personal injury claims.

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Firsthand Aviation Experience That Counts

Sean Cronin is a former Naval Aviator and our firm has specialized knowledge and experience in suing aircraft product manufacturers related to military aviation accidents. Our firm’s aviation law experience is international in scope and includes such representative cases as: Densberger v United Technologies, $22 million; Watkins v Bombardier Aerospace,, $3.75 million.

In addition to his work representing plaintiffs in aviation accident cases, his practice in aviation law is informed by his career as a Navy pilot and as a Commander in the United States Navy.

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Military Aviation Accidents

While active-duty members are not eligible to pursue claims for injury due to involvement in military aviation accidents, they may bring suit against the manufacturers of the product that caused or contributed to the accidents. However, we’re happy to discuss specific case details with you.

If you are the spouse of an active-duty military member, visit our Settlements and Verdicts page for highlights of some of our cases.

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