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Jacksonville Bed Sores Lawyer

Jacksonville Bed Sores Lawyer

Jacksonville Bed Sores Attorney

Deciding to put a loved one who is unable to take care of themselves into a nursing home is already difficult enough. Putting your trust in the people who work at these facilities can be even harder, as you’re putting your loved one’s life into their hands. Unfortunately, sometimes nursing homes and assisted living facilities don’t take care of their residents the way that they should. In Florida, nursing home negligence and abuse cases seem to be all too common. When you put your trust in a nursing home to take care of your family members, then that’s what they should do. If you or someone you love has been affected by nursing home negligence, like getting severe bed sores from lack of treatment, don’t wait to find a lawyer to help you with your case.

Jacksonville Bed Sores Lawyer

Cronin & Maxwell, PL: Your Jacksonville Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys

At Cronin & Maxwell, PL, we understand all the different aspects you have to take into consideration before putting your trust in a nursing home. We also know what it’s like when a nursing home betrays that trust by neglecting your loved one.

Our team has years of experience representing both military and medical negligence claims filed by our clients in Jacksonville. Whether your family member was seriously injured or passed away as a result of negligence or abuse, you and your family deserve justice, compensation, and closure. Our team of experienced bedsore lawyers and nursing home negligence attorneys is dedicated to fighting for the best possible outcome for our clients. No other lawyers will be able to give you the respect, dedication, and results that we can. If you or someone you know was a victim of nursing home neglect in Jacksonville, don’t hesitate to see how we can help.

What Is a Nursing Home Negligence Injury?

Nursing home negligence, or nursing home neglect, occurs when the employees of a nursing home or assisted care facility fail to properly take care of their residents. This failure can result in serious injury to the patients, harm, and sometimes even death. Neglect in assisted care facilities can come in many forms, from aggressive and mean employees to failure to give a resident the correct medication. If you believe your family member or loved one is being neglected in an assisted care facility, find an experienced nursing home neglect lawyer to help.

What Can Nursing Home Neglect Look Like?

Mistreatment, abuse, and neglect in a nursing home can be seen in many forms. Some of the most common types of neglect you might see in an assisted care facility in Jacksonville include:

  1. Bedsores Bedsores are a skin condition that occurs when a person is unable to adequately move while in bed. This ultimately results in a lack of blood flow to certain areas of the body and causes the skin to begin to decay, creating bedsores. If a loved one or family member you placed in assisted care starts having bedsores, this is one of the top signs that they may be a victim of nursing home neglect. If your loved one isn’t moved often enough, cleaned, and taken care of properly, it can be easy for them to develop bedsores that can become dangerous quickly.
  2. Failure to Keep a Clean Environment A nursing home takes on a wide range of duties when agreeing to the care of each resident. From feeding them three times a day every day to washing their resident’s bedsheets, assisted care facility staff can have a lot on their plates. With that being said, there is no excuse for your loved one to be kept in dirty, unsafe conditions. From rooms filled with garbage to sheets that haven’t been changed in weeks, failure to keep a clean environment is another common form of nursing home neglect.
  3. Failure to Assist With Hygiene Keeping up with residents’ hygiene is another vital aspect of a nursing home’s job. One of the biggest reasons many people make the final decision to put their loved ones in assisted living is because they are unable to help properly keep up with taking care of them, like giving them baths or helping them to go to the bathroom. The staff at nursing homes and other assisted living facilities are specially trained in the care of other people, helping them know how to take care of your loved ones in the way they need. If a nursing home doesn’t keep up with a resident’s hygiene, they can easily become sick, injured, or their condition can decline greatly.
  4. Failure to Properly Medicate Many older people in nursing homes require medication for their ailments, sometimes even multiple times a day. It is the duty of the nursing home to ensure that your loved one stays properly medicated throughout their stay. This means the staff needs to make sure that your family member receives the right medication at the right times every day. Failure to properly medicate a resident is another common sign of nursing home abuse and can turn potentially dangerous very fast.
  5. Poor Supervision Inadequate supervision is another form of neglect that is often seen within nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Unfortunately, many places may be overworked or understaffed, causing residents to not receive the care they need. With that said, it’s the job of the nursing home to take care of their employees and residents and make sure their promise to their residents is kept. With poor supervision, older residents with ailments can easily fall, choke, or get injured trying to do basic tasks. Wrongful death can also occur if no one is paying the attention they should to residents.

Are Bedsores Medical Malpractice?

Because bedsores are such a common and dangerous ailment that results from neglect, they are often the reason many of our clients seek legal help in the first place. If a resident placed in the care of a medical professional receives bedsores, this is a tell-tale sign that the staff members were not doing their job correctly. If you or your loved one received bedsores while under the care of a professional, you may be able to file a legal claim for medical malpractice. On top of bedsores already being dangerous, they can result in ulcers, permanent scars, and permanent tissue damage when they aren’t taken care of properly when discovered.

Why You Need a Lawyer to Fight a Negligent Nursing Home

While it’s possible to try and run through the legal processes yourself, trying to fight for claims such as medical malpractice and nursing home negligence can be extremely difficult. When you hire an experienced bed sore lawyer or nursing home negligence attorney, they can help you by:

Creating a Strong Case

Your nursing home negligence lawyer can create a strong case for you by using evidence compiled with their vast knowledge of the law, both at the federal and local levels. An experienced lawyer will know how to handle these types of cases as well as frame them in a way that shows the distress you and your loved one had to endure while dealing with this neglect. Your attorney will look at your evidence, look at the harm caused, and create a case unique to you that can hopefully get you the outcome you deserve.

Representing You in Court

Litigation is always the difficult part of any case. Going to court, having your case read to a judge, and then trying to prove your side is more than difficult. That’s why the help of an attorney you trust can assist with this part of the process greatly. An experienced nursing home negligence lawyer has dealt with these kinds of cases before and knows how to confidently represent you and your case in the best light. They’re also not afraid to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Knowing the Ins and Outs of the Law

One of the biggest reasons anyone seeks help from an attorney is because of their vast knowledge of federal and local laws. In Florida, with cases like these, you may be able to file multiple claims against a negligent nursing home if there is sufficient evidence. Your personal injury lawyer will be able to use their knowledge of the law paired with their experience in negligence cases to build a case and fight for the outcome you want.

Cronin & Maxwell, PL: Assisting Victims of Neglect and Malpractice

When it comes to fighting a negligent nursing home that mistreated your loved ones, our attorneys at Cronin & Maxwell, PL are prepared to help. Here in Florida, nursing home abuse cases are becoming increasingly common. You and your loved one both deserve to know that they are being taken care of properly and with dedication. If you or someone you know has been neglected in a nursing home, such as receiving severe bedsores from mistreatment, the nursing home negligence lawyers at Cronin & Maxwell, PL are here for you. To learn more about our services or how we can potentially assist you with a case, contact our team.

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