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Lyme symptoms may show up after a person is cured

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When it is caught early enough, it may be possible to cure Lyme disease with a round of antibiotics. However, it is also possible that symptoms such as joint pain or trouble thinking clearly can occur even after a person has been supposedly cured of the condition. Florida residents or others may have these symptoms for months.

There had been some controversy over whether this was actually a post-Lyme disease ailment that patients were experiencing. However, researchers from Johns Hopkins have revealed that this is an actual condition even if there may not be a way to test for it. In fact, researchers say that the best way to determine if a person may have the condition is to simply ask. Individuals who are having trouble sleeping or are struggling with pain or numbness may have this condition if they had Lyme in the past.

Understanding that symptoms may persist after a person no longer has Lyme disease might prevent patients from being misdiagnosed. It can still be difficult to cure as it doesn’t seem to matter how quickly doctors treat symptoms, and antibiotics and other forms of medication haven’t seemed to help. However, patients may feel better that their complaints have been affirmed even if tests don’t reveal that they are still sick.

When a doctor fails to acknowledge a patient’s symptoms, it may result in a misdiagnosis. In some cases, that may be enough for a patient to prevail in a medical malpractice lawsuit. However, negligence may not occur if a doctor or other medical professional performs tests or otherwise acts in a reasonable way when treating a patient. An attorney may be able to review a case to determine whether a doctor other parties acted with care when treating an individual.

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