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New birth risk confirmed

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The birth process is natural, yet full of risks to both mother and baby. If for some reason labor is complicated and lengthy, the chance of birth complications multiplies. Modern medical knowledge and skill must be administered correctly to avoid injurious complications and death. Recently, new medical findings confirm another risk factor for the birth process.

Recent Medical Study

A study from Germany shows a strong association between a full-term baby’s head circumference and the risk of cerebral palsy. The study showed that the larger the circumference measurement of the head held a higher chance of white matter brain damage. The study used data from ultrasound screenings of thousands of full-term newborn’s cranial ultrasound screenings.

The study, published in Obstetrics and Gynecology International, showed that male infants are especially vulnerable to this injury, due to a more significant proportion of them with larger circumference heads. The skull pressure during was especially damaging when prolonged delivery was involved.

Knowledge Informs Practice

This medical knowledge may leverage a change in how to manage complicated births with full-term infants. Obstetricians must stay up to date regarding the latest advancements in knowledge and practice to adequately handle all of the challenges of their medical practices.

When infants are profoundly injured at birth, complications from that injury will follow them throughout their lives. Parents can pursue compensation for those injuries to give their children the assistance they will need for the long term.

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