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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Florida hospital under investigation for serious surgical errors

On Behalf of Cronin & Maxwell

The Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida, has been under fire in recent months after two citations for serious medical violations by a state agency. Now, the hospital is under federal investigation. The federal inquiry, undertaken by the Centers for…

Two families sue hospital and doctors over children’s deaths

On Behalf of Cronin & Maxwell

During the same week in November 2016, four-year-old Damian Creed and five-year-old Salette Ruiz died from the same type of cancer at the same hospital while being treated by the same doctor. Damian and Salette had an unusual and aggressive form of eye…

The rate of ‘never events’ in surgical procedures

On Behalf of Cronin & Maxwell

Florida patients may be interested to learn that the medical field considers certain medical complications to be “never events.” These are errors that should never occur. Never events involve patients who get surgery on the wrong body part, undergo a procedure that they…

Mitochondrial disease patients go on “diagnostic odyssey”

The journal Neurology Genetics published a study called “The Mitochondrial Disease Patient’s Diagnostic Odyssey: Results of a Survey” showing how those with mitochondrial disease are forced to visit numerous specialists and undergo multiple tests before they receive a correct diagnosis. Patients in Florida…

Estate of Bill Paxton sues doctor and hospital for wrongful death

On Behalf of Cronin & Maxwell

According to the estate of actor Bill Paxton, both the surgeon who was operating on Paxton at the time of his death and the hospital where the procedure occurred are guilty of negligence. Both defendants disagree, claiming Paxton was aware of the risks.…

Evaluation of mobile app to assist with diagnosing

On Behalf of Cronin & Maxwell

Physicians in Florida have various tools they can use to know what type of test to order for a patient and to make an accurate diagnosis. Mobile health applications are some of the tools used to assist with making diagnostic decisions even though…

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