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Self-advocacy can make a difference after surgical errors

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When people in Florida enter the hospital for surgery, one of their greatest fears may be the potential for a serious surgical error occurring. Many people have heard news reports about patients that have suffered serious complications during surgery, and no one wants those stories to be about themselves. Since surgery involves cutting into, removing and altering parts of the body, it has a reputation as being the most precise of medical sciences. That precision is critical to ensuring that surgery is a success.

However, when there are complications after surgery, it is important that patients are aware and knowledgeable in order to respond to the situation. In one article in a medical journal, doctors described dealing with the potential for damage to the arteries during a total knee replacement. In one case, a patient spoke about her pain and unusual symptoms as soon as she awoke from surgery. In this case, physicians responded quickly to scan the area and perform a second surgery, using a catheter to repair the tear and restore blood flow. This quick action meant the patient recovered well.

In other cases with both positive and negative results, quick action was often essential for a full recovery. When patients receive surgery, they should take a companion with them when they meet with the surgeon and keep a record of all of the information they receive. This kind of awareness can alert patients when something goes wrong before it is too late. Patients should not shy away from self-advocacy and even seek out a second opinion.

When something does go wrong during surgery, and remedial action is unable to repair the damage, patients can continue to advocate for their rights. A medical malpractice attorney can help patients who have been the victims of surgical errors seek compensation for the damages they have suffered as a result.

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