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Monthly Archives: August 2018

New software could help eliminate surgical errors

On Behalf of Cronin & Maxwell

Surgical errors, from operating on the wrong part of the body to giving a patient the wrong organ, are rare. In fact, they happen in only .03 percent of all operations in the U.S. Still, up to 10,000 patients are injured every year…

Lawsuit describes C-section performed without anesthesia

On Behalf of Cronin & Maxwell

Prior to 1846, all surgeries were performed on patients who were alert and unmedicated. Thankfully, those days are over. With anesthesia, patients no longer have to suffer the agony of surgery. Today, patients can receive local, general or regional anesthesia, depending on the…

Dealing with medical errors and X-ray results

On Behalf of Cronin & Maxwell

Many Florida patients have had a number of X-rays over the course of their lives. The revolutionary technology, which was developed at the end of the 19th century, has been critical to understanding the inside of the human body and viewing problems. Most…

Researchers reveal one cause of infant seizures

On Behalf of Cronin & Maxwell

One cause of early childhood seizures for affected kids in Florida was uncovered in a study by the University of Utah Health. Early infantile epileptic encephalopathy (EIEE) begins in the first months of life with seizures that medication is unable to stop. While…

Reasons to avoid a hospital after lunch

On Behalf of Cronin & Maxwell

As a general rule, medical professionals do a good job whenever a Florida patient sees them. However, they may not be at peak performance in the afternoon. This is partially because they fall victim to the energy slump that many people experience just…

MAMMA project develops new way to find breast cancer tumors

Many Florida women have breast cancer, and it accounts for roughly 25 percent of all cancer cases around the world. Survival rates are comparatively high, thanks to advances in the detection of breast cancer tumors, but some tumors are more subtle and thus…

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