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Patients face many potential risks to their health

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According to the ECRI Institute, cybersecurity concerns were among the top 10 hazards that patients face. If a hacker gained access to a hospital network, it could cause harm to patients in Florida or wherever the attack occurred. In some cases, it could lead to data breaches or devices unable to work as intended.

In addition to possible network security concerns, patients could be exposed to blood or other fluids after laying on a mattress or mattress cover. This could occur if they are not properly cleaned and disinfected prior to an individual laying on them. It is also critical that electrical equipment is cleaned properly. Otherwise, there is a chance that spraying liquid onto a device could cause it to malfunction. There is also a chance that liquid getting into a socket or other electrical component could result in a spark or a fire.

If patients have problems breathing, they may be hooked up to a ventilator. If there is a problem with the ventilator, an alarm will sound to alert hospital staff to the issue. However, it is possible to improperly set an alarm, and that can result in a poor outcome for a patient. Leaving sponges in a patient after a surgical procedure could also lead to negative consequences for a patient.

There may be different ways in which hospital negligence can cause both short and long-term harm a patient. Those who are victims of surgical errors or a data breach may be entitled to various forms of compensation for those errors. An attorney may review the case to determine if an error was caused by negligence. Examples of negligent behavior include failure to secure a hospital network or failure to check for objects prior to closing a patient after surgery.

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