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Monthly Archives: April 2020

Patients can suffer great harm during “never events”

On Behalf of Cronin & Maxwell

A “never event” in the medical field is one that shouldn’t happen to patients because it can be prevented if the medical team would use proper protocol during a procedure. Unfortunately, there are times when patients do suffer harm from a never event.…

Your risk of permanent damage increases when a doctor misses signs of a stroke

Strokes are among the most frightening and debilitating medical events a person can have. Some people experience a sudden loss of motor control, while other people have so-called silent strokes that don’t present immediately obvious symptoms. When you know you have experienced an adverse neurological…

There is no excuse for poor care in an emergency room

On Behalf of Cronin & Maxwell

Failing to diagnose a patient in an emergency situation can cause serious harm. When you go to the emergency room, you’re there because you feel there is a significant problem with your health. You may feel that you have the worst headache of…

Dozens of surgical mistakes happen each week in the United States

On Behalf of Cronin & Maxwell

Surgery is an invasive medical procedure that involves a skilled physician cutting into your body to remove something, repair something or even add something that wasn’t there before, like a pacemaker or hernia mesh. Surgeries are rife with the potential for complications, ranging…

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