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There is no excuse for poor care in an emergency room

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Failing to diagnose a patient in an emergency situation can cause serious harm. When you go to the emergency room, you’re there because you feel there is a significant problem with your health. You may feel that you have the worst headache of your life or be suffering from an unknown source of pain that you can’t bear. It’s the responsibility of the medical team there to make sure you are treated appropriately.

If you are not treated promptly or diagnosed correctly, then you may be able to hold the hospital liable. For example, if you have tests run and the doctor reads them incorrectly, you could be released without knowing that you have cancer or that you are in the middle of a heart attack. These errors could result in a return visit to the ER or a wrongful death.

It’s all too often that people are sent home without clear answers about what’s wrong with them. They may not have received the appropriate treatment, and the consequences could be dire.

What can you do to ensure better care in an emergency room?

The best thing patients can do is to be persistent. If there is a problem, you can ask for testing or for a review of your results. You know your body best and deserve appropriate care. If you don’t get it in the ER, call your medical provider or go to another medical center to seek a second opinion.

If you or a loved one is hurt or dies from medical mistakes in an ER, you may be able to seek compensation. Your attorney will talk to you about the potential for a medical malpractice claim or a wrongful death case.

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