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Your risk of permanent damage increases when a doctor misses signs of a stroke

Strokes are among the most frightening and debilitating medical events a person can have. Some people experience a sudden loss of motor control, while other people have so-called silent strokes that don’t present immediately obvious symptoms.

When you know you have experienced an adverse neurological event and you seek medical help, your physician should pay close attention to your reported symptoms and current physical condition. If they fail to diagnose you and don’t order testing or treatment, your prognosis after the stroke could get worse with every minute that passes.

Timely treatment after a stroke can prevent the death of brain cells

You can suffer some injury to your brain as a result of the stroke itself, as a stroke may limit blood flow to all or part of the brain. That injury can become worse as time goes on, as the conditions in your brain after a stroke can lead to cell death. When brain cells die, they will not replenish themselves.

The more neurological damage and cell death you experience after a stroke, the greater the potential consequences and lasting effects of that stroke can be. Modern medicine has achieved what was once thought impossible by helping greatly reduce the impact of a stroke, provided that an individual receives a quick diagnosis and timely access to care and treatment.

Doctors should know the seriousness of neurological events and the risks that come from delay the diagnosis of a stroke. When your physician fails you in this critical area and causes you serious injury as a result, you may have grounds for a medical malpractice claim against them.

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