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Monthly Archives: June 2020

Appendicitis: A condition that is often misdiagnosed

When appendicitis occurs, it’s a serious medical condition. In some cases, the appendix may burst, which leads to a life-threatening emergency. Appendicitis causes several common symptoms that a medical provider should be able to identify, such as: Bowel irregularity Bloating Flatulence Loss of…

The impact of a lack of oxygen to the brain

On Behalf of Cronin & Maxwell

Your brain must have a consistent oxygen supply at all times. Anything that interrupts this puts you at risk. The interruption does not even have to be very long to have a drastic impact on your life — or even to prove fatal.…

Understanding your baby’s intracranial hemorrhage

On Behalf of Cronin & Maxwell

Millions of babies are born each year in the United States. Most of those births go according to plan, and no problems occur. However, with such a large number of births, some accidents, mistakes and negligence are bound to happen. According to one…

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