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How often does a pediatrician’s malpractice result in brain injuries?

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Most parents take for granted that their child will get sick at some point. They also trust their child’s doctor to make wise decisions and handle the problem. When a pediatrician makes a mistake that leads to a child’s brain injury, the consequences can be devastating for the entire family.

What is the most common reason for pediatric malpractice cases?

Brain injuries are the leading factor that motivates many parents to file medical malpractice cases against their kids’ doctors. Infants are particularly vulnerable to suffering these injuries because their bodies are fragile, and they can’t voice what ails them. A recent study conducted by The Doctors Company (TDC) shows that at least 48% of pediatric malpractice claims involve a child age one or younger.

That same research shows that an estimated 36% of medical malpractice lawsuits that parents file on behalf of their 1-year-old child has to do with them suffering from brain injuries. An additional 15% of these cases involved children between the ages of two and 12. Parents file at least 11% of these after their teen suffers a brain injury. Children with special needs often have difficulties interacting with others and thus are at a higher risk for brain injuries than others.

Infants often suffer injuries during the birthing process. Brachial plexus, infections, forceps lacerations and brain injuries are, unfortunately, all too common. The TDC research also showcases how at least 30% of kids age one or younger die due to their physician’s malpractice.

How parents handle their kids’ medical malpractice cases

TDC research also reflects how at least 25% of all litigants who file pediatric malpractice lawsuits sue obstetricians, not pediatricians. An estimated 37% of plaintiffs end up with a median $250,000 indemnity payment in their cases. The defendants spend approximately $100,000 to defend themselves in these legal matters.

While many instances of medical malpractice result in a deterioration of a child’s health, they can also claim your son or daughter’s life. A medical malpractice attorney here in Jacksonville can help you hold any liable parties accountable for their negligent actions.

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