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Delayed response to a stroke can be fatal

Your spouse is unresponsive. You think they may be having a stroke. You get them to a hospital, where a doctor makes another diagnosis; maybe they say it’s a seizure. Is this going to cause some serious issues if the doctor is wrong?

Critical care

It absolutely can. The American Stroke Association notes that immediate treatment can prevent death and reduce the long-term impacts of the event, and they say it’s “critical that [patients] get medical attention right away.” If your spouse really is having a stroke, even a delay of a few minutes could vastly change the outcome.

The ASA also points out that, in the last 10 years or so, many advancements have been made in this area. Doctors can provide better treatment than ever before. As a result, the rate at which people survive strokes is soaring.

But your loved one needs a proper diagnosis to take advantage of these treatment options. Doctors have to know what signs and symptoms to look for. They have to do their best to make the correct call as soon as they see the patient. In your case, you did the right thing by getting to the hospital immediately. You don’t want a doctor’s error to undermine your efforts.

A wrongful death case

Unfortunately, doctors make mistakes. When they do, critical seconds pass, and people who should have lived may die as a result. If you have lost a loved one, you could have a right to compensation through a wrongful death case, and you need to know how to get started.

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