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Monthly Archives: June 2021

Do surgeons really leave items behind in patients’ bodies?

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Surgeons leaving behind watches, medical tools or other items in a patient has long been a punchline in modern media. The idea that a skilled and highly-trained professional could make such a staggering oversight seems ridiculous to most people.   Obviously, surgeons should be incredibly careful…

Women, your stroke symptoms may differ from those of men

According to Healthline, stroke is among the top three causes of death for women in the U.S. Estimates indicate that one out of every five women in America will suffer a stroke. Unfortunately, up to 60% of female stroke victims will die. Women…

Did your doctor take sufficient steps to avoid a misdiagnosis?

When you see a doctor, you rely on them to make the proper diagnosis. If they do not understand what is wrong with you, their chances of providing the correct treatment are slim. No one can know everything about the human body and…

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