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Does misreading test results count as malpractice?

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We trust our doctors and other medical professionals to take good care of us when we need them. While it can be hard to imagine, even long-term family doctors can commit malpractice. Medical malpractice is so prevalent that it is the third-leading cause of death in the country.

A simple mistake in the medical field can lead to permanent injury or even death. When such a small thing can be so deadly, does that mean misreading your test results counts as medical malpractice?

The consequences of misreading the results

If you are waiting on a cancer test to confirm if you have cancer or not, a negative test result can seem like a miracle. However, if your doctor or other medical professional misread your results, that malpractice can cost you dearly.

A misread test means that your cancer can continue to grow unchecked and untreated. This rampant growth can turn an easy treatment into a major battle or an unwinnable one. When a doctor misreads your test results, either because of equipment failure, their own inexperience, or anything else, they need to be accountable for their malpractice.

A skilled medical malpractice attorney can hold them accountable for their actions and help you seek justice in the process. Fair compensation for these cases can cover the cost of all of your medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and the cost of your worsened condition.

Do not only hope for the best

After a negative test result, it is always best to confirm those results with another doctor. Confirming your diagnosis is the first step in treating the illness. If you suspect that you are already the victim of medical malpractice, consult with a skilled attorney. Their guidance can help you secure the outcome you deserve and help you hold negligent medical professionals accountable for their actions.

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