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Category Archives: Birth Injuries

3 medical mistakes that can lead to birth injuries during labor

On Behalf of Cronin & Maxwell

When a woman feels her first contraction really hit or notices that her water broke, her first response is usually to seek skilled medical help. Going straight to the hospital or calling an OB-GYN are the most common responses to the beginning of…

Issues in labor and delivery can lead to complications

On Behalf of Cronin & Maxwell

Many women dream of have a labor and delivery that’s easy and that goes by the book. They likely don’t expect that they’re going to suffer harm or having issues during the process. It’s imperative that the nurses and other caregivers who are…

A birth injury can lead to cerebral palsy

On Behalf of Cronin & Maxwell

You wake to see your husband in tears. It seems a strange reaction for someone who has just become a father for the first time. He tells you the doctors think there may be something wrong with your baby. Some birth injuries are…

Understanding your baby’s intracranial hemorrhage

On Behalf of Cronin & Maxwell

Millions of babies are born each year in the United States. Most of those births go according to plan, and no problems occur. However, with such a large number of births, some accidents, mistakes and negligence are bound to happen. According to one…

Researchers reveal one cause of infant seizures

On Behalf of Cronin & Maxwell

One cause of early childhood seizures for affected kids in Florida was uncovered in a study by the University of Utah Health. Early infantile epileptic encephalopathy (EIEE) begins in the first months of life with seizures that medication is unable to stop. While…

The effects of Erb’s palsy

On Behalf of Cronin & Maxwell

For many Florida mothers, giving birth to a child is a physically and emotionally taxing event. Occasionally, there may be instances were a difficult delivery could actually cause harm to the infant. One commonly seen birth injury is brachial plexus birth palsy, also…

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