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Pursuing Medical Malpractice Claims Against Doctors And Hospitals

People rely on emergency rooms to provide them with crucial medical treatment when they need it most. Unfortunately, at many hospitals, emergency rooms are so overburdened and understaffed that some patients do not get the care and treatment they deserve.

At the law firm of Cronin & Maxwell, PL, our Jacksonville emergency room error attorneys help patients and families pursue claims against hospitals that have provided negligent care in their emergency rooms. Common claims include the following:

  • Failure to diagnose: When someone comes into the emergency room with the symptoms of a medical emergency such as a heart attack, a stroke or an aneurysm, that person deserves to be diagnosed and treated promptly. Emergency room doctors who fail to promptly diagnose these types of conditions can be held legally accountable.
  • Medication errors: Emergency room medication errors can have serious and potentially fatal consequences for patients. An emergency room can be a hectic place, but that does not justify doctors and nurses acting hastily and carelessly when administering medications.
  • Infections: Emergency room staff must follow high sanitary standards to avoid spreading infections from patient to patient and infecting patients who are undergoing medical procedures. Hospitals that do not live up to these standards can be held accountable.

All too often, when someone is sent home from the emergency room without receiving adequate treatment, the consequences are fatal. If your loved one’s death was a result of emergency room negligence, our firm can help you pursue a wrongful death claim.

Protecting Active Duty Personnel, Retirees And Their Families

Military personnel and their families deserve the same level of medical care as civilians. We understand the complications involved in filing a medical malpractice claim under the Federal Tort Claims Act and Military Claims Act. We will find a way to hold medical professionals liable for emergency room errors such as:

  • Understaffing and environmental issues
  • Undetected bleeding
  • Infections
  • Excessive wait time resulting in further injury

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Our experienced medical malpractice lawyers at Cronin & Maxwell are committed to achieving justice for victims of emergency room errors in Florida. To discuss how we can help you pursue the results you deserve, please contact us today at 904-302-6414 or by email.