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How To File A Military Malpractice Claim

How To File A Military Malpractice Claim

What To Expect During A Military Malpractice Claim

What members of the military and their family members need to know is that they deserve competent medical treatment while at a military hospital. They are entitled to the same level of professional medical care as their civilian counterparts. At Cronin & Maxwell, in Jacksonville, Florida, we represent military personnel and their families in military medical malpractice claims governed by the Federal Tort Claims Act and the Military Claims Act.

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“In a difficult situation, Sean made everything easier to deal with. He stepped up to the plate on our case and always treated us like people — not like a statistic. It’s just sad that it took something like this to get some attention for the problems they are having out at the base hospital.”

— Cynthia Hess (daughter of a woman who died from negligent surgical complications at a naval hospital)

Federal Tort Claims Act And Military Claims Act

One of the most important things that people should understand is the challenges associated with filing a military medical malpractice claim against the military. The Federal Tort Claims Act and the Military Claims Act govern these claims. Before filing an actual lawsuit in court, we must first file a claim directly against the government.

Time Limit For Filing Claims

You must also file a claim under the Federal Tort Claims Act or the Military Claims Act against the government within two years of the discovery or diagnosis of a serious medical condition caused by medical malpractice. This does not mean the date that you initially discovered the pain associated with your injury. We will advise you about your rights and obligations under these acts.

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We handle injury and wrongful death claims on a contingency fee basis, meaning there are no charges to your family unless we win the case.

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