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Hospital Negligence

Military Medical Malpractice
Hospital Negligence

Jacksonville Naval Hospital Negligence Lawyer

Whether you are in the military or not, many things can go wrong during a patient’s hospital stay. You always assume a certain amount of risk when undergoing any operation or treatment. But you should never expect to enter surgery and later find out that the procedure was performed on the wrong part of your body. At Cronin & Maxwell, our attorneys are Navy veterans who represent military personnel and their families in medical malpractice claims throughout the world.

If you suffered an injury because of the negligence of doctors, nurses or any other hospital staff, contact our office for a free initial consultation. We serve active duty servicemen and women, retirees and their family members throughout Florida, across the nation and overseas.

Hospital Negligence Takes Many Forms, We Can Help

Surgical errors can cause injuries that are truly life-altering. Military personnel and their families are no less susceptible to these types of injures than civilians. It is, however, more difficult to file claims against U.S. Naval Hospitals and doctors. Our experienced military medical malpractice attorneys understand the challenges associated with filing a surgical malpractice claim under the Federal Torts Claims Act and the Military Claims Act.

We will strive to get you the compensation you deserve when a military surgeon performs a wrong site surgery or other hospital staff cause injury or death to a member of your family. Our representation covers injuries incurred during:

Good communication is crucial to the proper function of all medical facilities. Clear records and consistent procedures are necessary to ensure that patients receive the medical treatment they need. Miscommunication can be the direct cause of death or injury. When communication breaks down and causes you serious harm, you deserve compensation.

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At Cronin & Maxwell, we believe that military personnel and their families deserve the same level of treatment and care as civilians. When you suffer an injury because of hospital negligence, you deserve justice. To learn how we can seek compensation for your injuries, contact us at 904-388-9555 to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced lawyer.

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