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Emergency Room Errors

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Emergency Room Errors

Jacksonville Emergency Room Errors Attorneys

Emergency rooms are hectic places. Given the severity of the injuries and the pace of the activity, it is little wonder that they are frequently the site of horrific mistakes that constitute medical malpractice and often result in wrongful death. At Cronin & Maxwell, in Jacksonville, Florida, we represent people throughout the world in military hospital malpractice claims resulting from emergency room errors.

As Navy veterans, our attorneys understand the unique challenges associated with the military medical system. To learn more about how we can be of benefit to your case, email us to schedule a free initial consultation with our naval hospital medical malpractice lawyers.

Handling Misdiagnosis And Other Medical Mistakes

Even when emergency room doctors and nurses are overworked and not supported by adequate staff, they are still responsible for providing quality medical care. A delay in treatment, a misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose a serious medical condition can have grave consequences. We will file claims against military doctors and naval hospitals both in the U.S. and overseas to hold them accountable for your injuries and seek fair compensation for your suffering.

Protecting Active Duty Personnel, Retirees And Their Families

Military personnel and their families deserve the same level of medical care as civilians. We understand the complications involved in filing a medical malpractice claim under the Federal Tort Claims Act and Military Claims Act. We will find a way to hold medical professionals liable for emergency room errors such as:

  • Understaffing and environmental issues
  • Undetected bleeding
  • Infections
  • Excessive wait time resulting in further injury

If you or a family member suffered serious or fatal health consequences because of emergency room errors at a U.S. Navy medical facility in Florida, elsewhere in the U.S. or abroad, contact Cronin & Maxwell at 904-388-9555. Schedule a free initial consultation with one of our experienced attorneys to find out more.

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