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Nursing Negligence

Jacksonville Nursing Negligence Attorneys

From maintaining a sterile environment and monitoring patients, to dispensing medications and attending to mothers in labor, nurses at naval hospitals are expected to follow the same standards of care as nurses in civilian hospitals. Medical mistakes in either of these settings can be devastating, or even fatal. The medical malpractice lawyers at Cronin & Maxwell in Jacksonville, Florida, represent servicemen, servicewomen, retirees and their families in all cases involving nursing negligence.

As former naval officers, our attorneys are familiar with the many legal obstacles military personnel and retirees must face. We know our clients are entitled to the same professional health care as civilians and will not accept any injustice. If you, or a loved one, are injured by otherwise avoidable nursing negligence, contact our law office for a free initial consultation.

Representing You And Your Family Against Nursing Malpractice

Our nursing negligence attorneys represent clients injured at naval hospitals throughout Florida, the U.S. and overseas. We handle cases involving injuries and fatalities caused by emergency room and surgical malpractice. We help families after:

  • Misadministered medication
  • Fetal distress and other birth injuries like cerebral palsy
  • Failure to monitor patient conditions
  • Unrecognized heart attack or stroke
  • Bedsores, infections, dehydration
  • Ignored patient calls for help
  • Intentional alteration of medical charts

We work closely with medical and nursing experts to carefully review all decisions made and actions taken by the nursing staff at the naval medical facility. We do this to identify any deviations from the standard of care and highlight the negligence that contributed to the patient’s injury or death.

Offering Experience, Resources And Skilled Representation

All military medical professionals, especially nurses and physicians, must adhere to standard health care protocols and practices. When they fail in their duty, our law firm will help you find justice and recover fair compensation.

If you have been injured, or a family member has died as a result of nursing negligence, contact the experienced lawyers at Cronin & Maxwell at 904-388-9555 for a free initial consultation. To find out more about your case, visit our medical malpractice information center.

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