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Surgical Errors

Military Medical Malpractice
Surgical Errors

Jacksonville Military Surgical Error Attorney

No matter what precautions are taken, every surgery has its risks. People can die or become permanently injured in the due course of complex surgeries. But negligent surgeons and medical mistakes should not be the cause this suffering.

As veterans of the Navy, the attorneys at Cronin & Maxwell understand the challenges faced by every member of the armed services. If you have suffered an injury due to surgical error at a military hospital anywhere in the world, contact our office in Jacksonville, Florida, for a free initial consultation.

Surgical injuries are not always mere accidents. Sometimes surgical errors are caused by medical malpractice. Our attorneys understand the challenges faced by the families of military members wishing to file a medical malpractice claim against the military. Strict regulations govern the filing of claims against military hospitals. We have experience with the Federal Tort Claims Act and the Military Claims Act, and we can help you.

We have over a decade of experience handling claims for military personnel throughout the world.

Why You Should Work With Us

Surgical errors are often difficult to investigate and litigate because these injuries are often shrouded in secrecy. Doctors, nurses and operating room attendants may not testify on your behalf. You have no memory of the surgery because you were unconscious.

Sometimes, the only thing that we have to go by is operating room records. Our broad experience with these types of cases and our collaboration with medical experts helps us develop a strategy for your surgical malpractice claim.

At Cronin & Maxwell, we represent military personnel throughout the world in medical mistake and surgical error claims. If you have been injured in a military hospital, contact us at 904-388-9555 for a free initial consultation.

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