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Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune North Carolina

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Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune North Carolina

Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Under the terms of the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) and the Military Claims Act (MCA), retirees as well as well as family members of active duty sailors and marines, can recover damages for injuries caused by medical negligence at a naval hospital. Unfortunately, many servicemen are under the impression that, due to the 1950 Supreme Court decision in the Feres case, they can’t sue the government for injuries “incidental to service” — even if this involves negligence on the part of a military doctor, nurse or hospital.

While this is true for the servicemember, under the FTCA and the MCA, retirees, dependents and military family members who are victims of medical malpractice can file a claim against the government for compensation for their injuries. At the medical malpractice law office of Cronin & Maxwell, our attorneys work with medical experts across a wide variety of fields in exposing negligence on the part of doctors and other health care professionals in naval medical facilities.

If you are serving in the military and someone in your family has been injured in a naval hospital due to negligence on the part of doctors or hospital staff, contact the navy medical malpractice lawyers at Cronin & Maxwell today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

Physician Negligence And Injuries Caused By Medical Malpractice

The medical malpractice attorneys at Cronin & Maxwell represent military retirees and family members of active duty marines and sailors who have been injured in cases involving emergency rooms, surgery, medication and its administration and other issues with hospitals.

Birth Injuries At Naval Hospitals

Failure to properly monitor a mother’s vital signs — and those of her baby —-can result in a number of birth injuries. Most birth injuries involve oxygen deprivation that leads to brain damage. Fetal monitoring strips are an effective means for identifying signs of fetal distress. When fetal monitoring strips are ignored or improperly interpreted, hypoxic injuries can lead to serious, irreversible brain damage associated with cerebral palsy.

In other cases, doctors may fail to recognize shoulder dystocia, resulting in Erb’s palsy or cerebral palsy. In order to avoid injuries associated with shoulder dystocia, doctors should perform Zavanelli’s maneuver, McRoberts’ maneuver or Woods’ screw maneuver. Failure to perform one of these maneuvers or a mistake in doing so can be grounds for alleging medical malpractice on the part of a doctor.

Contact Navy Medical Malpractice Attorneys Serving Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital

There are several issues that must be taken into account when filing a claim against the government in cases involving medical malpractice in a naval hospital. To schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help you, contact naval hospital medical malpractice attorneys at Cronin & Maxwell today at 904-388-9555.

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