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Other Federal Tort Claim Injuries

Other Federal Tort Claim Injuries

Jacksonville Federal Tort Claims Act Attorney

The federal government is not above the law. When innocent people are injured or killed by negligent military personnel or other federal employees, or in accidents at government installations, contact the Jacksonville, Florida, law firm of Cronin & Maxwell. We have extensive experience handling injury claims against the federal government on behalf of victims and their families.

Injury And Fatality Claims Against The U.S. Government

In addition to representing clients in U.S. Naval hospital negligence cases, we also provide sound legal representation in claims involving serious injuries or fatalities caused by:

  • Auto accidents with U.S. government cars
  • Military convoy accidents on area roadways
  • Car accidents with Secret Service, FBI, CIA vehicles
  • Collisions with postal delivery vans and semitrucks
  • Government aircraft or helicopter crashes, on and off a base
  • Slip and falls on federal government property
  • Military police dog attacks
  • Construction accidents at U.S. government sites

In addition to helping file claims under the Federal Tort Claims Act and Military Claims Act, we also investigate, prepare and present lawsuits against all federal government departments and agencies.

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Whether you or your family has suffered serious injuries due to medical malpractice, premises liability or a motor vehicle accident involving the federal government, our federal tort claims attorneys will help you find justice and recover just compensation.

Contact Cronin & Maxwell at our Jacksonville office at 904-388-9555 for a free initial consultation. We handle all our federal tort claims act cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning if we don’t win, you don’t pay. Make your appointment today.

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